We work primarily for Investors and then alongside Entrepreneurs and Companies. We offer the following services for these client groups:
For Investors
You are an (informal) Investor or Investment Manager at a Private Equity Fund, Venture Capital Fund or a Family Office.
Your goal is to enhance current and new investments to the best in your portfolio. You have an active approach to involvement with investee companies. This is an important approach to create value. At the same time a way to stay at grip with you investments.
Strategy x Organisation x Financial structure = Results. Both in plan and realisation!
Investments@Work works on the whole spectrum of value management:

    * Portfolio and investment strategy
    * Investment targeting, origination
    * Investment selection
    * Due diligence (Strategy x Organisation x Financial structure)
    * Deal structuring
    * Execution & grip on investments
    * 2d, 3d .. etc phase of financing and where applicable new DCM and ECM instruments by partner (alternative)

       channels (this is really a New Finance concept we envision with our partners!)
    * Exit strategy & execution (sale, M&A, MBO/MBI, IPO etc.)

We work with yours and ours selected partners to remain fully independent.
Our unique competitive advantage is that we invest along with our Investors. A mutual commitment to results! We take on the active work to enhance value management.
For Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs who seek active Investors that add value are very welcome at Investments@Work An investment in your venture or company needs to be attractive and feasible for Investors to add value. Your businessplan needs to show clear goals, approaches and timelines for:

    * Profit- and Value growth
    * Consequetive investments
    * (partly) Sale of the company over time

If this is the case we can take your investment proposition on our shortlist. We will actively inform our Investors.
Possible steps are then:

    * Anonoumous headline at our site
    * Our active informing of our Investors
    * NDA signed by potential Investor
    * Feasibility study of your businessplan
    * Due diligence
    * Dealstructure (strategy x organisation x financial structure)
    * @Work  

For Companies
Companies strive for profit and value growth. Regardless they are multinationals, small and national or have different ownership structures. Growth and continuity is important to all stakeholders.
Investments@Work works very compact and resultoriented on these areas:

    * Strategy development
    * Organisational structuring
    * New business concepts
    * Strategic marketing
    * Alliance strategy & -management
    * Business planning
    * A.i. director & management tasks
    * Non executive roles

Since 1988 we have been working as strategic consultants for more than 80 corporates and 150 assignments. We work with passion on results at arms length.
Next to consultancy Investments@Work can provide for various interim management roles such as functional/expert roles and interim management for renewal/innovation, change and crisis management.