Investors sought

For Entrepreneurs/Companies we seek Investors who have an interest in reviewing:

  1. Investors in an active SPV PCI Iskandiafor exploitation breakthrough technologies in mining, oil, metalurgy and design. Rounds10M euro (july 2014) , 50M (october 2014) en 500M (march 2015). Excellent opportunity!!!
  2. Investors to acquire, develop strategy and exploitation of the largest and most qualitative spring water source of Europe. Expected minimal investment 10M euro acquisition starting at 100M euro
  3. Mixed use real estate hotel, office, residential, retail Madrid
  4. New venture independent Customer Loyalty Card as an app with new applications
  5. Participation in a full electrical verhicle company, a.o. ev supercar 
  6. Second phase finance of a successfull diamond mine
  7. Strategic partner for a new formula and development of a chain of 10 new locations for senior residences
  8. A globally active company in ' triple play ' waste, energy and environmental solutions; unique acquisition opportunity of portfolio of customers, licenses and distribution rights!!
  9. A 4-star hotel has 120 luxury suites in a spa/ski resort with 4-seasons destination in Switzerland + rights exploitation resort
  10. (Private) investment apartments in wellness/ski resort Switzerland
  11. Acquisition and expansion or Alliance with a very successful training Institute with a focus on CRM, customer contact, customer loyalty and sales results
  12. Acquisition of specialized marketing research company in customer and employee satisfaction
  13. Participation in growth unique service provider in the field of global registration of intellectual property rights (IP)
  14. Loan and/or share capital in producer of whole new electric guitars in high range for scale production due to large increase in orders. Patented construction of guitar. Endorsement Vandenberg.
  15. Participation and/or funding of a successful entertainment concept for expansion in number of branches indoor Glowgolf in Netherlands and Germany
  16. Participation in the growth of a European top player in rental of stands, arenas & stages of (large-scale) in-and outdoor events. Patent holder of a unique gallery system. Also option for startup in USA and Asia. Capital intensive and predictable very interesting exit after 5-7 years. A PCI (SPV) investment proposal to existing shareholders
  17. Various winechateaux in France and Italy
  18. Participation in the growth of a whole new Private Equity Concept entirely focused on direct participation by investors with holdings from 500 k euros.

Contact Michael Pullens in interest and/or questions. Of all investment propositions is extensive information available.